Coping at Christmas


As the Holiday Season gets closer, it’s no surprise that the shops and supermarkets shelves are starting to fill up with deliciously, calorie-laden, snacks and food.

If you’ve been watching your weight all year, it’s only natural to panic and resist the urge for temptation and then there’s also the question of a “good choice or bad choice”.
You may even find yourself picking up the chocolate truffles — convinced that you won’t touch them and and that they’re “just for the kids, or for the family.”


You may even reason with yourself, reaching the conclusion that you’ve worked hard all year and you deserve it. After all isn’t that what Christmas and New Years are about? Celebration? Having what you want?
This is what we call “fulfilling the needs of the ever present child that dwells within us all.”

People often attach the value of themselves as a person to food. For example — ‘A good mother, does not deprive her family’ or ‘A Child deserves everything the desire’.
It’s these childhood/familial food scripts that influence the choices we make, not only on the quantity, but also the type of food that is bought. Essentially, our memories and associated thoughts and feelings may be what sometimes guide our decisions .


In recent months, media reports have the masses panicked – from increasing food costs, to worries about household budgets and spending. This can often lead to feelings of panic and stress for those of us with limited budgets. It’s important to ask yourself — how much food gets wasted and is it really all worth undoing any or all diets and saving?


Avoid the over-spending and overeating traps in 5 Simple Steps:

1. Have a plan and make a list based on your plans for the period
2. Buy less this time and try not to panic about it, remember you can always go out and get more if you run out.
3. Try not to deprive yourself of what you want – you’ll only regret it and splurge/gorge later. Instead buy (1) item that you really want. One of each – not many. Moderation is key.
4. Ask yourself what other ways are there that you can show your family your love, how else can you receive the love you desire. Intuitively we know what works go with your intuition.
5. Remember remaining calm and achieving balance is key to a joyful time.

If you’re still finding it all overwhelming, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mind Matters

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