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Patient L

‘I am so happy to have met you, the work we have done has changed my life completely, furthermore it has helped to change me in to a better person with exceptional qualities that I was missing by helping me to see the truth and finding my true self…this has been the thing that has saved my relationship. I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you with all my heart!’

Patient W

‘working with you was like having a friend to hold your hand and help you on your journey. Then when you are strong enough they let  go, Thank you for all the help you gave me. I am now able to do lots of things that i have always been too afraid to do, and I am looking forward to life’

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Mind Matters is passionate about promoting psychological health and wellbeing. We have a wealth of experience in supporting and enabling people to work through the issues that prevent them from achieving their true potential. We offer a range of interventions including: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Inner Repatterning and Mindfulness.

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